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Fire Marshal

The Course

Designed by our emergency management consultants, this course meets the training needs of personnel responsible for Fire Marshal duties within an organisation.


To provide training to personnel wishing to fulfill the role of fire marshal/warden within the workplace as described by The HSA.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme participants will be able to:

LO1: Set up, monitor and audit a fire safety programme

LO2: Describe their legal obligations under current legislation

LO3: Describe their fire responsibilities

LO5: Describe the science of fire

LO6: Describe how fire starts and spreads

LO7: Identify fire hazards and understand how these are controlled

LO8: Keep all required records

Target Trainee Profile

Personnel with responsibility for Fire Safety within any organisation.

Course Syllabus

  • Theory
  • Fire safety legislation
  • Management responsibilities
  • Fire safety programme
  • Fire and evacuation plans
  • Hazards - identification & control
  • Fire protection installations
  • Audit and maintenance procedures

Training Methods

Highly interactive course making good use of demonstration, involvement and practice. Theory presentation combining: PowerPoint, questionnaires and Q&A sessions.

Assessment & Certification

Delegates are tested on their ability to meet the requirements set down in the learning outcomes.

A certificate of attendance is presented to all candidates.

Special Requirements

Please inform us of any special needs or other requirements where differentiated learning may be required.


One day.

Our Trainers

Trainers are front-line professional fire fighters and are members of the Institution Of Fire Engineers.