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Manual Handling Assessment

Please Answer all Questions

The following test must be completed by all participants. A practical examination of your ability to engage in manual handling tasks will be completed following on-site face-to-face training. No participant will be issued with a certificate of completion until BOTH the online and practical sessions have been completed.

1. The main piece of legislation covering health and safety is:*
2. How many bones does the human body have? *
3. TRUE OR FALSE: The employer is the only person that is responsible for health and safety at work. *
4. TRUE OR FALSE: Employees have responsibilities under health and safety legislation.*
5. A herniated disc is also referred to as a:*
6. TRUE OR FALSE: Back injuries are a very uncommon cause of injury at work.*
7. Which of the following statements is correct?*
8. When lifting a load your back should be:*
9. When carrying a load, you should hold it:*
10. Which of the following statements is correct? *
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Thank you for completing this short assessment. You will be contacted shortly to arrange your practical training session.